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The advocates' bureau "Garnin & partners. Sankt-Peterburg" was founded in 2009 by the advocatess working in different branches of law. They were united
and directed by Vladimir Garnin, the deputy head of the Advocates Chamber in Saint-Petersburg. At present the advocates' bureau has 5 advocates-partners.
Our mission: To people and organisations we provide pre-paid legal advice and help, protecting people's rights and interests (in accordance with the
law and our professional ethics).
The main principles of our work: flexible approach to solving all sorts of tasks, being sincere, honest and decent to the client having entrusted us to 
deal with this or that problem.
Representing your interests in russian arbitrary courts.
Protection (criminal affairs), Support (accusation/prosecution), Appealing.
Dealing with administrative infringements of the law,  road accidents, complicated issues.
Representing your interests (civil cases) in all russian courts - starting from the suit's preparation up to the court's verdict announcement.
Protecting your rights and interests in the European Human Rights Court.
Legal advice, consultations.
Legal escort of organisations' actions.
Pre-trial negotiations and arguments.

Working honestly is profitable.
Every errand/commission is agreed upon, the agreement is made and countersigned by the advocate and the client.
Before the agreement is made, the advocate explains all possible ways of solving the issue and informs the client about the results that can be achieved in reality. The client is to make a choice.
The advocate informs the client of all the possible risks and consequences that may appear in the process of dealing with the issue.
Contact phone-number of the Senior Partner - Advocate Nikolai Konin: +7(921)592-53-54
Central office: Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, prospekt Slavy, 4
Meeting can be also organised in Moscow or in any other russian city as we provide the services on the whole territory of Russia.
 Meetings may also be possible on the EU territory.
The experience of protection and accusation (in all sorts of cases) helps us to forecast the way this or that issue can be solved in reality and using special methodology we usually get our client's opponents stumped.
And we also understand that in accordance with the law we can not guarantee the positive outcome of the problem's solution. It is not honest. It is not fair.
Our advocates have numerous rewards from the Lawyers Chamber in Saint-Petersburg and from the Federal Chamber as well.We take part in different regional seminars and international programmes.
Depend on the size (volume) of the work that should be done, on the distances that should be overcome. Sensible and affordable.
   * In the end our advocates call the client's opponents to accounts. So the money the client has paid to the advocate is returned.
Good if you have no problems!
In case you have them, hand them over to us!

The Advocates bureau "Garnin & partners. Sankt-Peterburg" is always with you - anytime & anywhere!